Things got a bit testy on Fox News Friday morning when a spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign tried to suggest that the network’s polls were “fake” and got upbraided by one of the “Fox & Friends” hosts.

Hogan Gidley, who serves as press secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, was asked about the latest Fox poll which shows the president far behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the key battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Trump narrowly won both Michigan and Pennsylvania four years ago, which led Gidley to remark:

“You touched on some polls. Most of those are fake. They oversample Democrats.”

That led co-host Brian Kilmeade to retort:

“I know the people that do the polls. They don’t do it fake — they do a really good job. They might not be accurate in the end, I don’t know.”


“Well the people are great. Doesn’t accuracy determine how great it is?”

Again, Kilmeade pushed back:

“I’m not saying they’re Nostradamus. But I am just saying they’re math, and they’re professionals. So don’t call the Fox News pollsters fake.”

Clearly taken aback by the friction from Kilmeade, Gidley could only counter with this:

“Well the methodology is flawed at the very least, how’s that.”

The president and everyone who speaks on his behalf constantly point to polls from the 2016 race that showed Hillary Clinton leading Trump, who eventually won in a surprising turn of events. But that was four years ago, and much has changed since then. Also, Biden has a much larger lead at this point than Clinton had, and Trump only managed to win states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by incredibly narrow margins. In some cases, Trump won by only a few thousand votes.

Additionally, Trump is now perceived as a failure by the majority of Americans, who blame him for fumbling the federal response to COVID-19, which has also pushed the country into an economic recession.

Here’s video of the exchange between Kilmeade and Gidley:

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