President Donald Trump is so jealous of Dr. Anthony Fauci getting to throw out the first pitch to kick off the Washington Nationals baseball season that he now intends to throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game in August.

On Thursday, Trump hosted little league players at the White House, where they threw around on the lawn without social distancing or wearing masks. Not even Trump wore a mask at the event, but he did awkwardly play catch.

As we all know, baseball started late this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the crisis. Had he acted earlier instead of treating it as a hoax, perhaps baseball would have started sooner and fans could attend the games. Unfortunately, stadiums are going to be empty.

Twitter users had plenty of thoughts about Trump throwing out a first pitch.

No audience means Trump won’t have to worry about being booed out of the stadium. After all, he is despised in New York, which voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and will likely vote for former Vice President Joe Biden this year.

Frankly, if the Yankees had any respect for the victims who have died during this pandemic in New York City and throughout the nation, they would let someone else throw the first pitch instead. Because Trump does NOT deserve this honor.

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