President Donald Trump made an incredibly sexist assumption while desperately trying to pander to suburban women on Twitter. And it spectacularly backfired. He did it after reversing an Obama era regulation that was designed to further diversify the suburbs and remove barriers that kept people of color from moving there. In this reversal, Trump has sent a strong signal to racists everywhere that he is “on their side.”

Trump’s poll numbers in the suburbs, especially among women, are dismal.

Former Vice President Joe Biden now holds a 17 point advantage over Trump among women over the age of 45 compared to the 3 point lead Hillary Clinton held back in 2016.

It’s just one reason why Trump is getting his butt kicked in several battleground states and why he is down by double digits to Biden overall.

So, Trump pathetically tried to reach out to women this week by claiming that Biden will “destroy” the suburbs and referred to them as “suburban housewives” as if he thinks it’s the 1950s.

It’s NOT the 1950s. Most women work in 2020 because staying at home to care for children and the household is about impossible now even with a husband who also works. Many women are single moms who are just getting by. They want solutions to the problems they face, not a scare tactic.

Women and other Twitter users were offended by Trump’s sexist fear-mongering.

Words matter. Trump chose his words poorly. Now women have been reminded how he really thinks of them and can choose to vote him out of office because they will remember in November.

But even worse than that. Trump was using women here. His real message was to racists everywhere that he is one of them.


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