President Donald Trump claimed on Friday that Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) would somehow prevent a provision requiring the military to change the names of bases names after Confederate generals from being included in a defense spending bill. That proved foolish.

The military spending bill is a major piece of legislation that Trump would be stupid to veto, which he has threatened to do because of the provision.

Trump has loudly opposed changing the names of these military bases named for Confederate generals. He has also defended the Confederate flag and Confederate statues. It’s enough to make one wonder if Trump thinks he’s the president of the United States or the defunct Confederacy.

In what appears to be clear pandering to his racist supporters, Trump insisted that the provision would be removed by Inhofe, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The problem is that the bill, the provision included, has already been passed by the Senate and the House with veto-proof margins. Even Inhofe voted for it.

Twitter users remarked on Trump’s ignorance of how bills are passed.

Trump could veto the bill, but it would prove that he doesn’t support the troops as much as he claims and would set up a humiliating veto override as Republicans certainly don’t want to be seen as not supporting the military. This bill and the provision stripping Confederate names from military bases has strong bipartisan support.

Choosing the treasonous racist Confederacy over active duty American troops would be terrible optics heading into an election that Republicans are already losing.

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