It took just an hour for President Donald Trump to release a statement on the death of former television host Regis Philbin, and he made it about himself.

Philbin died at the age of 88 on Saturday of natural causes. But rather than memorialize Philbin, Trump used the opportunity to tie himself to him and make the statement more about himself than the man he dared to call a “friend.”

In contrast, it took Trump many hours to release a pathetic statement about Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

Of course, there’s no evidence that Philbin pushed Trump to run for office, although he seemed to support him. But that does not excuse Trump’s decision to make this statement about himself instead of solely about the person he referred to as his “friend.”

Twitter users bashed Trump’s narcissism.

Hopefully, we’ll have a new president starting in January who actually has compassion for others and doesn’t think the world revolves around him.

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