One would have to live under a rock not to know that political and racial tensions have been extremely high in the last few months. Black Lives Matter has led rallies all over the nation while “counter-protest” groups like Back The Blue have either shown up at the BLM rallies to counter their message or held their own to promote their message. Back The Blue is part of a larger organization known as “ACT For America.” Their mission, according to their website, is as follows:

“ACT for America Education’s mission is to educate, engage, train, and mobilize citizens to ensure the safety and security of Americans against all threats foreign and domestic while preserving civil liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution.”

On their policy page, they say this:

ACT for America showcases the tolerant and patriotic nature of our nation through our diversity, as well as by fostering a healthy dialogue about the most critical threats facing our nation from the perspective of a variety of voices.

We welcome all who share our beliefs, but require adherence to our Non-Discrimination and Anti-Violence Policy:

ACT for America has never, and will never, tolerate any bias, discrimination, or violence against anyone, based on their religion, gender, race, or political persuasion.  Freedom to practice one’s religion in peace is afforded to each of us by the U.S. Constitution and we will defend it vigorously.

At a recent rally, held in Pittsburgh, Pa., one would be scratching their head trying to square that mission with what the group is saying at their rallies. Specifically, the chant leader who had the megaphone at this rally used the platform to say “kill transgenders.” Interestingly enough, when the person said that, along with some other unintelligible things, no one walked away, showed disagreement, and some kept waving their flags as the hateful message was barked at BLM protesters across the street.

Check out the video below via Twitter:

Previously, the Back The Blue ralliers were chanting “All Lives Matter.” It is doubtful anyone with half-decent hearing could confuse the two messages.

The “kill transgender” message was heard loud and clear where BLM protesters stood across the street and openly condemned the message.  At the end of the video, the BLM protesters can be heard beginning another chant, although it is not clear what they were chanting in protest to the “kill transgenders” rally cry of Back The Blue.

Apparently, though, when Back The Blue’s parent organization say they are promoting everyone’s safety, security, and civil rights, that does not include transgenders.


Featured image via screen capture from Twitter