This summer has seen most every event canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. In Clarion County, Pa, they decided to go ahead with their annual county fair. The theme of this year’s 2020 Clarion County Fair is apparently “F*ck Coronavirus — Go Trump!”

Thursday night, the fair crowd gathered in New Bethlehem, Pa for one of the most popular events — the demolition derby. This event seemed analogous to the attitude that these rural Pennsylvania residents have towards the efforts that their Governor, like most Governors across the county, have put forth to try to slow the spread of the virus and save lives. The cars bashed and crashed into each other as the crowd cheered on. As each car died, the crowd refocused on the cars that were still moving, anxious to see who would be the last to survive. The dead cars were quickly forgotten as the excitement played on.

The crowd was by and large maskless and the grandstand was packed. There was no social distancing even attempted, and the crowd was definitely proud of that fact. Before the event, the event’s announcer gave a short speech that left no doubt of that fact. The speech was described by Facebook user Gary Sproul, a former teacher in the local school district. Mr. Sproul’s public post was shared by Sal Mazzocchi on the public “What’s Happening In Clarion” page:

Yes, they are certainly proud bragging about not wearing masks and refusing to social distance. Here’s the crowd Mr. Sproul described in the picture below:

Unfortunately, Mr. Mazzocchi didn’t want any dissenting voices on his post and turned comments off. Another Facebook user, Joe McDonnell, felt inspired to get a dialogue going about the post and reposted it, leaving comments open:

The comments showed that not everyone in the area was so supportive of the behavior at the Clarion County Fair. It also showed just how divided we are in the nation. Here is a sampling of today’s America:

As one can see, one side is amazed at how despite all the death and destruction to our country and the world, people still are refusing to practice any safety measures. Those comments were met with people defending a “doctor” who says that a “cure” that has been debunked by virtually every scientific body. To them, the entire scientific and medical community is to be ignored, and she is the “real truth-teller.” Apparently, like Trump, who after touting her statements in the video, are ignorant of her other “scientific findings” like ones involving alien DNA and demon sperm.

Others shunned any opinion by the medical community, instead trusting in Trump:

The article the last commenter posted can be found here, for reference.

Also worth noting, while Trump claims not to take any salary as President, he has benefitted financially during his tenure to the tune of over 22 million dollars just from GOP sources going into his properties. That doesn’t include foreign entities that have sought favor by funneling money into his properties. Giving up a 400K salary to get 10s of millions in return is hardly “working for free.” Trump has also been found to using his influence as President to bring big golf tournaments to his properties to further line his pockets.

It is also worth noting that every modern President has “pushed” prayer, including President Obama.

The next exchange highlights how some think science is stagnant and what was believed months or even decades ago can never change:

Someone might want to inform Mr. Wilshire that it isn’t MSNBC saying that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and can be harmful, it is pretty much every scientific and medical body who has done an honest study of it.

Also, CNN clearly stated it was unknown where Cain got the virus in their reporting.

The comments go back and forth on the post and anyone can check them all out on the public page. One side warning about more death from the virus, the other mocking such beliefs. One user, Patrick Crooks, tried to take politics out of it and expressed concern over the disdain for science by some:

This is where we are today, not just in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, where Trump took the county by over 45 points in 2016, but all over America. One side keeps trying to push safety and prudence as the proper way to get our economy rolling again, the other is at the county fair cheering on the carnage at the demolition derby. Let us hope the local hospital has enough ICU beds available in the coming weeks.

One thing is for sure — the self-described “silent majority” is hardly silent at least on this pandemic. Furthermore, one might question if they are a majority as Trump’s polling numbers decline and most people in America support responsible safety measures as the CDC advises.

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