President Donald Trump continued to suggest that the 2020 Election should be delayed during a rushed press conference on Thursday, this time drawing backlash from presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

In a morning Twitter tantrum earlier in the day, Trump once again told lies about mail-in voting before suggesting that the election should be delayed to avoid fraudulent results.

Of course, American elections feature very little fraud according to multiple studies, and that includes mail-in votes, which even Trump himself and his family members have done in order to cast their own ballots.

Legal experts and even several prominent Republicans outright stated that the election would not be delayed. But that didn’t stop Trump from doubling down during a press conference he hastily called in an effort to bump former President Obama off the major networks as he delivered the eulogy at Rep. John Lewis’ funeral to thunderous ovations.

During the conference, Trump made it clear he’s serious about delaying the election and insisted that it will be rigged.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

If the election is going to be rigged, it will be Trump who tries rigging it for himself because he knows full well that former Vice President Joe Biden is beating him in the polls. Clearly, Trump is now resorting to trying to delay the election because he is frightened of losing and knows he stands to be prosecuted for his many crimes after he leaves.

But Trump’s attempt to delegitimize the election in a bald-faced attempt to remain in office beyond January 2021 drew condemnation from Beschloss.

No president in American history has ever refused to leave office. No president has ever tried delaying or  cancelling the presidential election either. There have been contested elections, but those will be nothing compared to this one because Trump obviously intends to drag this out for months even if Biden wins by a landslide.

This is a national emergency, and Americans must be prepared to take action if Trump moves to seize absolute power. This is just the beginning of what will be a sinister effort to delay or cancel the election. Democracy is at stake and we need to make sure Trump is swiftly dealt with if he attempts to take it away from us in any way.

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