Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) tried out a bizarre lie to blame Democrats for his failure to pass a new round of coronavirus relief for the American people.

Not long after adjourning the Senate for a three day weekend, and therefore allowing unemployment benefits for millions of Americans to expire, McConnell laughingly tried to in the blame on the Democrats by claiming they wanted a tax cut for the rich that Republicans opposed.

Never mind that Democrats did no such thing, since when have Republicans ever refused to pass a tax cut for the wealthy?

And that’s why Americans called bullsh*t.

In fact, House Democrats passed a bill known as the HEROES Act months ago that McConnell has been refusing to pass this whole time because he’s Grim Reaper of the Senate. The bill would have created a second round of stimulus and would have extended unemployment benefits, all while not including the wasteful military spending Republicans added to their own bill.

McConnell’s attempt to blame Democrats backfired, and not passing this bill will backfire in November.

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