In attempt to protect its citizens from coronavirus as they vote in the November election, legislators in the state of Nevada passed a bill Sunday that would mandate mailing ballots to all registered voters in the state. The bill now heads to Gov. Steve Sisolak (D), who is expected to sign the legislation today, according to CBS News:

“Nevada will join seven states that plan on automatically sending voters mail ballots, including California and Vermont, which moved earlier this summer to adopt automatic mail ballot policies.”

As you’d expect, President Donald Trump was enraged by what Nevada did, and now he’s accusing the Gov. Sisolak of being part of a “late night coup” on Twitter:

The line about the Post Office not being able to handle so many ballots is incredibly ironic considering that the president’s handpicked Postmaster General has already begun cutting back on staffing and mail delivery in what many see as an attempt to benefit Trump and Republicans in the upcoming election. The fact that those cutbacks were instituted prior to November has raised many eyebrows.

However, since much of Trump’s support came from elderly voters in 2016, he and the GOP could be impacted if absentee ballots are delayed as a result of a slowdown by the new head of the Post Office.

Others on social media let Trump have it for his patently absurd accusations against Nevada and its governor:

If voting by mail is such a terrible thing, why do Donald Trump and most of his family do it in every election? Should they be charged with voter fraud? If so, then by all means let’s start handing out the indictments and see how they react.

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