An Alabama high school principal made a video using the tune of the 1990 MC Hammer classic “Can’t Touch This” to show students how to stay healthy at school this year.

Dr. Quentin Lee, principal at Childersburg High School, wrote the lyrics himself, including lyrics like “COVID! Is stressing me, all the updates from the CDC. Lysol! Can’t be found, I’ve looked all around this town.”

He told Alabama News Center he wrote the lyrics in 15 minutes, then called film director Jaylen Mitchell of City Vizualz to record it. Volunteers. several students, and teacher Jessica Veazey helped create the video which can be seen below:

In the video, Lee raps and dances throughout the school with students and teachers while telling them to wear their masks and to use hand sanitizer.

At one point, he dances toward students with a measuring tape, telling them not to stand so close together so they are compliant with social distancing guidelines. He also appears from behind a vending machine and sprays it with Lysol while a student is purchasing a snack.

Instead of browbeating people into compliance, or downplaying it, Lee has taken a lighter-hearted way to educate and inform people in Alabama and around the country on how to deal with the dangers of the virus when returning to school. Hopefully, this will bring more students and people in general into compliance.

Many schools will be reopening in the next month not only in Alabama but across the country. They will all face great challenges in keeping students, teachers, administrators, other employees, and their families safe and healthy.

This summer has seen a lot of intense debate on whether or not to open schools for in-person learning. Critics fear the reopening is premature and could lead to more spikes in cases and deaths.

Some schools and universities are opting to continue with distance learning either in entirety or wherever possible.


Featured image via screen capture from the video above.