If you thought you had heard every absurd idea regarding how Americans should deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, former White House aide Seb Gorka (who was kicked to the curb unceremoniously after seven months in the administration) now wants school teachers to wear “body condoms” so that kids can get back to classes ASAP.

Gorka, who now does commentary for right-wing website The Daily Wire, made his ridiculous remarks Monday, telling listeners:

“Put the bloody teachers in body condoms. I don’t care. Put them in hazmat suits. I don’t care.”

And with those comments, Gorka perfectly summed up the Trump response to COVID-19: Pretend everything is normal, even as thousands more Americans are dying every day and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients suffering from the deadly virus.

It should already be painfully clear that the United States reopened the country far too quickly, leading to a terrifying rise in infections in states such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Yet despite all of that, the White House and its allies want us to send our children back to school and potentially expose them, too.

Also on Monday, President Donald Trump reiterated that he wants schools open despite the potential consequences:

This isn’t the first time that Gorka has proven his own ignorance of COVID-19 and the precautionary measures that are proven to help reduce  spread of the disease. In June, he called protective masks “Democrat Islamo-Maoist masks. You mean the COVID burqas, the COVID masks?”

The reason we have so many casualties in the U.S. from a virus that many nations have brought under control can be summed up in two words: Willful ignorance. While Trump and his minions want us to believe they’ve got matters under control, their own dismissal of the facts since coronavirus appeared on the country is killing more people by the minute.

Featured Image Via NBC News