With Election Day now less than three months away, President Donald Trump is growing increasingly desperate, as if he can sense that the 2020 race is on verge of slipping away from him completely, so he’s demanding that the presidential debates be moved up.

Taking to Twitter Thursday morning, Trump fired off this post:

The president’s insistence on an earlier start for the debates was echoed by his part-time personal attorney and full-time disinformation distributor, Rudy Giuliani, who appeared on “Fox & Friends” and said that the first debate — scheduled for September 29 — should either be moved up or there’s no point in even having debates:

“If they don’t do it, it really undermines the rationale for this Commission [on Presidential Debates]. They really have to go. I mean, what about the right to know?

“Those people have a right to know. Why are we having these debates? We’re having these debates to inform the electorate. We might as well have them after the election. This is like sticking to a rationale that’s 30 years old that has no application to today, and it undercuts the entire mission of the commission. That usually means, you know, unless they can figure out how to become modern, they should get out of this business and Congress should take over.”

Congress should take over the scheduling of the debates? That sounds like a recipe for little more than endless committees, arguing, and rancor with no decision being reached. Interesting how conservatives say they want government to stay out of our everyday lives unless it benefits them or their political fortunes.

Does anyone think Trump would be insisting on more debates scheduled earlier if he was up by 8 to 10 points nationally at this point? Of course not! He’d do everything he could to avoid debating.

Another day and more blatant hypocrisy from Donald Trump. That alone is reason enough to vote against him.

Featured Image Via NBC News