Even as his dad launches an assault on Social Security by trying to kill the payroll tax that funds it, Donald Trump Jr. is accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of wanting to “bankrupt” the program.

Junior made the claim in response to remarks by Biden calling for undocumented immigrants to be more included in American society.

The problem with Junior’s argument is that undocumented immigrants contribute billions of dollars to Social Security every year, which has helped keep the trust fund afloat.

That being said, they should be able to collect on their contributions. So, Biden is right.

And Social Security won’t go bankrupt because of it.

What will bankrupt Social Security, however, is President Donald Trump’s effort to kill the payroll tax that funds the program.

Earlier this week, Trump admitted that he is considering suspending the payroll tax via executive decree.

“We’re…looking at various other things that I’m allowed to do under the system, and—such as the payroll tax suspension. And so we’re allowed to do things,” Trump said during a recent press conference.

On Thursday, Trump doubled down on the executive order while on his way to Ohio.

Killing the payroll tax would be the real way to bankrupt Social Security because it would prevent money from going into the trust fund. Republicans, who have wanted to destroy the program for decades, would then use the dried up funding to justify killing it permanently.

Once again, Don Jr. accuses Biden of something that his daddy is actually doing himself.

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