Americans have seen a familiar pattern when Donald Trump makes claims. First, he makes incredible claims. Then, when called on to show any proof of the claim, he refuses to show it. Often, he makes nonsensical excuses about why he cannot.

This goes back to before he was POTUS in 2011. Trump made claims that former President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States and he had proof. When asked for the proof, Trump claimed he couldn’t show it then, but would in a very short time. A short time passed, and no proof. More time passed, but still not any proof or shred of evidence from The Donald.

Finally, after launching his presidential bid, Trump finally admitted that he had no proof that Obama was born anywhere but the United States, and admitted he was wrong.

Of course, the damage was done at that point, and even today, there are people who only remember the claims, and not the backtracking, delaying, and ultimately the admission that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Of course, it also gets lost on some that even if Obama had been actually birthed elsewhere, his mother was from Kansas, which would make Obama an American citizen who was eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

A few weeks ago, on the subject of health care, Trump was asked in an interview about his health care plan. Trump has, in the past, promised the best and most cost-effective plan ever. He has never produced such a plan — or any plan at all as he works to dismantle Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” which, in effect, is causing many Americans to lose the health coverage that they gained under that act.

He promised a plan in two weeks. Now, three weeks later, no plan has been produced.

Apparently, this behavior has rubbed off on Trump’s allies. Sebastian Gorka, a military and intelligence analyst who served in the Trump administration from 2017 through 2019, just took a page from that playbook.

Gorka claimed that on a recent trip to a convenience store, another man threatened him for not wearing a mask. Gorka likes to brag that he refuses to wear one.

Gorka claimed to have extensive footage of the incident, including following the man out of the store while recording video. Gorka, who now works as a radio host for a decidedly right-wing leaning outlet, told listeners about the incident when he sat down with Breitbart News Daily (Sirius XM) host Alex Marlow. He claimed the man, standing about eight feet from him, threatened to shoot him with a 9mm handgun after Gorka was adamant about not wearing a mask in the store.

He also claims the man said, “You are going to kill me, but I am going to kill you before you kill me.” Gorka claims the man then said he had the gun in his car. Gorka says that he then “went Breitbart” on him and filmed the man returning to his car and driving off.

So naturally, he would jump at the chance to show the world the “oppression” he is experiencing for not being what he and others who share his views call “sheep” for following CDC coronavirus guidelines.

Alexander Nazaryan, a journalist for Yahoo News asked to see the footage.

Gorka refused, saying that Nazaryan wasn’t “a real journalist.” Nazaryan is currently a national correspondent for Yahoo and has previously worked for outlets like Newsweek and The Atlantic.

On his Breitbart radio show appearance, which is also has a video simulcast, Gorka recounted the story but never showed any part of the footage he claims to have. That video is below:

Why would Gorka make such claims but never show the footage? One can only speculate, but perhaps he is just trying to garner attention and higher ratings for his own media venture. Just like Donald Trump would do.

Gorka has also recently claimed that teachers should wear “body condoms” when returning to school.

If nothing else, Gorka and his listeners, who are by and large Trump supporters, now have another unproven anecdote about how the people who wear masks are the real “nazis.” That should throw some mud on any reasonable conversation about real neo-nazis who Trump has called “very fine people” in the past and seems to defend given any opportunity.