It’s a happy day for everyone who hates Christian hypocrites as Jerry Falwell Jr. has taken an indefinite leave of absence as requested by the Liberty University Board of Trustees following a scandal in which he had his pants unbuttoned with a woman who is not his wife.

Falwell posted and then deleted a photo earlier this week of himself with his belly exposed and his pants unbuttoned next to another woman doing the same. But the photo went viral anyway and he bizarrely tried to explain it away by claiming that he was just joking with the woman because she is allegedly pregnant and could not button her shorts. Coincidently, his own pants were supposedly too tight for him as well.

Falwell, as we all know, is a supporter of President Donald Trump and a prominent evangelical. As such, it appeared unlikely that he would suffer any real consequences for his un-Christian behavior.

But the board of Liberty University could not look the other way this time, which is why they suggested Falwell take an indefinite leave of absence.

Falwell is a disgrace to Christianity and he should resign outright. But it’s likely he’ll return after a lengthy vacation.

However, that didn’t stop Twitter users from mocking him.

Looks like Falwell will have plenty of time to get reacquainted with his pool boy.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons