With less than three months remaining until Election Day, many top Republican donors can read the writing on the wall — and in the polls — and have decided that President Donald Trump’s reelection is a “lost cause,” according to a startling article from Politico.

Indeed, polling data is all showing a growing divide gap Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden:

“Recent national polls show Trump trailing Biden by anywhere from 3 to 10 percentage points, with swing states like Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania increasingly up for grabs. Some Republican donors and outside groups are even focusing their attention away from the White House to holding on to the Republican majority in the Senate, according to three Republicans close to the White House. Several Trump allies acknowledge if the election was held today, Trump would likely lose.”

And while Trump surprised political pundits with his unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race, GOP insiders are increasingly skeptical that the president can pull off another upset:

“With just three months until the presidential election, numerous Republicans and administration officials are not sure Trump will be able to pull off another upset win. His administration’s handling of the coronavirus has hurt his standing with senior citizens, suburban voters, independents and women — and if schools do not reopen this fall, it will offer another illustration of how the U.S. has fallen behind other developed countries in combating the virus.”

A blowout loss by Trump could doom Republican in down ticket races, especially the Senate, with Senate races in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Maine, and North Carolina, looking as if they’ll soon be in the hands of Democrats, which, if Biden wins, would give Democrats control of the White House and both houses of Congress, the same arrangement that Trump had during his first two years.

One top GOP donor summed up Republican dissatisfaction with the president this way:

“It is kind of like Groundhog Day. You think it’s better, but it’s not.”

A perfect storm appears to be brewing, and it seems destined to sweep Republicans from power, in large part because they chose to hitch their wagons to a man as deeply flawed as Donald Trump.

Featured Image Via NBC News