During a hastily arranged press conference at his Bedminister, New Jersey golf club on Friday evening, President Donald Trump announced that he’d soon be issuing an executive order that would mandate all health insurance companies cover preexisting conditions, even though that’s already the law of the land thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was enacted by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The Hill reports that Trump remarked:

“‘Over the next two weeks I’ll be pursuing a major executive order requiring health insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions for all companies,’ Trump said during a news conference at his Bedminster property in New Jersey. ‘That’s a big thing. I’ve always been very strongly in favor. We have to cover preexisting conditions.’

“Trump claimed such a move ‘has never been done before,’ though insurance companies are already required to cover patients with preexisting conditions under the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted in 2010.

The president neglected to mention that his administration is currently trying to have the ACA invalidated, recently filing briefs before the Supreme Court that would completely destroy the many benefits of the existing law. It is estimated that overturning the ACA would strip health insurance away from at least 20 million Americans.

Polling consistently shows that health care is one of the most important issues to voters, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has only made Americans even more aware of how vital it is to have insurance.

During his four years in office, Trump has repeatedly said he will unveil a comprehensive replacement for the ACA, but has yet to lay out any plan beyond vague talking points and platitudes:

“In an interview late last month with Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Trump promised a comprehensive health care bill within two weeks. Two weeks later, he said it would likely be out within a month.”

To borrow an old Texas phrase, Donald Trump is all hat and no cattle when it comes to the issue of health care.

Featured Image Via CNN