Joe Biden found the perfect way to troll Fox News while making it clear that even though President Donald Trump may like to call him “sleepy,” he’s doing things that Trump could never do in a million years.

Mediaite reports that Fox reporter Peter Doocy was trying to get a comment from the former vice president regarding who he’ll be choosing as his running mate. As Biden passed by riding a bike, Doocy tried to get a moment of the candidate’s time:

“The enterprising Doocy shouted to a masked Biden ‘Mr. Vice President have you picked a running mate yet?’  as the ex-VP and his entourage passed by.

“’Yeah I have,’ said Biden.

“’You have? Who is it?’ asked Doocy, to which Biden jokingly replied ‘You!'”

Game, set, and match, Joe Biden.

That was all it took for others to comment on the fact that while Biden may indeed be older than Trump, he sure looks a hell of a lot more fit than the current head of state:

Later today, Donald Trump will probably issue an executive order declaring bicycles illegal.

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