Four years ago, Donald Trump won the state of Michigan by a mere 10,000 votes over Hillary Clinton, and the Wolverine State — along with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, provided the margin of victory Trump needed for victory in the Electoral College.

But some Michigan voters who cast a ballot for Trump in 2016 are making it clear they won’t be making the same mistake twice, telling a reporter for MSNBC they’ll be voting for Joe Biden because they want the “nightmare” of the Trump presidency to end.

Katey Morse noted that while she and her husband still have their jobs despite the economic recession, she’s much angrier than she was in 2016:

“I’m turning into more of an angry person than I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve just got a countdown to November now, and I’m hoping we’ll wake up from this nightmare we’re in.”

Hal Ostrow echoed Morse’s comments, saying Trump has failed to confront the challenges facing the nation:

“I think we’re seeing it on a daily basis — this delegitimizing of pillars of our society, of institutions of government, everything from COVID testing to choices we’ve got to make for our kids. And there is just a void of leadership at the top.”

Jerry Stepanovich admits he was once guilty of saying there was a “witch hunt” against Trump, but now he’s ready to get rid of the incumbent for the good of the country:

“Some of his statements, some of the buffoonery. Some of his actions and also when he said, ‘we’re going to knock this right down,’ that’s — that ain’t gonna happen.

“The bravado — that’s kind of irking me right now.”

Donald Trump is quite possibly the greatest failure as president in U.S. history. As a direct result of his lies and dissembling, 165,000 Americans are dead from coronavirus. Over 30 million are unemployed, and things are getting worse by the day, despite Trump’s empty promises that the virus would magically “disappear.”

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