During his tenure, President Trump has bragged, lied, and bragged about lies. He has tried to compare himself, usually in a favorable manner, to some great names in history. Just recently, he boasted that he has done more for black people than anyone — with maybe the exception of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe …

Yes, that’s right … forget Martin Luther King Jr. Forget Malcolm X, Forget Lyndon Johnson, and of course, forget Barack Obama, our nation’s first and only President of any color that isn’t white. Trump is the one who has been the black man’s hero.

In that same interview, Trump brushed off over 160,000 dead Americans Jay-Z style by giving it a dismissive “it is what it is” when asked for his thoughts on the carnage. One side note, Jay Z has done more for civil rights, and African Americans than Trump could ever hope to do.

If that wasn’t enough, now Trump is claiming that if he was up against George Washington in an election, things wouldn’t go well for the father of our country. In an interview with right-wing talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, Trump expressed the beat down he would likely give our nation’s first president.

“George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in, before the China plague,” Trump continued, after spitting out his most recent favorite racial slur. “And then, you know, like every other nation, like other countries, when you get hit, it affects you, and we went down a little bit.”

Yeah, if it wasn’t for that coronavirus, Trump would beat George Washington. If you believe that, there’s a bridge to nowhere in Alaska that you should be looking into purchasing.

The fact is, Trump’s numbers weren’t exactly stellar before the virus. Throughout his presidency, he has, for the most part, wallowed in the high 30s or lower 40s on his job approval rating. He peaked once at 49 percent. The average from when he took office through today is a mere 41 percent. He has never been approved of by a majority of the American people.

But he would whoop George Washington if he was running against Trump … yeah, right.

Trump also defied reality in the Hewitt interview, claiming numbers not one publically released poll has shown when he said “And then we went down a little bit more, and now we’re coming up at a level that we haven’t seen.”

Some supporters might argue that “in 2016, all the polls were wrong.” Well, yes and no. Most of the polls were pretty close, if not spot-on. A few states missed the numbers by a couple of points, giving Trump just barely enough to eek out the win in the electoral college. It wasn’t like they missed the mark by a mile everywhere.

Joe Biden is currently dominating Trump in every poll. One released today has Biden leading in every single age and gender group. That includes men, women, and people from age 18 up through and including senior citizens.

Here’s the data in case anyone doubts:

It is also worth noting that while many polls survey anywhere from 500-2000 people and have “margin of error” rates of around 3-5 points usually, this poll surveyed over 11,000 people and has a margin of error rate of just one point.

That same poll has Joe Biden with a commanding lead, especially considering the low margin of error:

But Trump thinks he could whoop George Washington? He and Pence can’t even beat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who Biden selected as his VP running mate.