It took less than 24 hours for the Trump reelection campaign to try and formulate a strategy for attacking Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who was chosen as a running mate by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday, and what they came up with is so ridiculous that it’s clear the Trump team is grasping at straws.

Stacy Washington, co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, was a guest on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, and immediately declared that Harris isn’t black enough to be classified as the first black woman on a presidential ticket:

“She has really played up this idea that she’s a traditional black American like myself and so many others who count ourselves among the millions of black people who are descended from slaves. But she’s not descended from slaves. She’s descended from slave owners.”

Actually, Harris is indeed black. Her mother was Indian and her father was Jamaican, meaning she is indeed an African-American.

But Washington was far from done proving her own massive ignorance and bias against anyone she perceives as not being black enough, adding:

“Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris because she’s a black woman but to most black Americans, she’s not. She’s not black like me, but she is part of the black experience in America.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt tried to steer the interview back to sanity, asking:

“What does this mean for the young Black woman, the young Indian woman?”

Washington responded:

“If he had chosen her because he truly thought she was the best candidate, then I would absolutely say this is historic.

“He actually told us six or seven months ago that the only people he was considering was black women. He wants to garner [the Black vote] by simply putting any Black face on the ticket next to him. So I think it’s kind of a sad day that we have this historic moment but we have to attribute it to someone pandering for votes.”

Of course, Washington has no idea why Biden chosen Harris, and for her to say he’s pandering for votes is laughable, because that’s what all politicians do. Donald Trump has been pandering to white racists and other right-wing extremists since he first appeared on the political scene and began trying to suggest that Barack Obama wasn’t an American citizen.

The Trump team is terrified of Kamala Harris. And they damn well should be, because she’s a great campaigner and not the least bit shy talking about why Trump and Pence are destroying the country.

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