Not long after disparaging Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) in response to her being announced as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, President Donald Trump went on to attack other women during an interview on Fox News.

During his press conference shortly after Biden picked Harris, Trump called her “nasty” and “horrible” and “disrespectful,” and even posted an ad on Twitter declaring her a “phony.”

Trump has apparently been desperate to attack a woman ever since he ran away like a coward from a press briefing at his Bedminster golf course after CBS News’ Paula Reid called him out for falsely taking credit for a law former President Obama signed in 2014.

But after Trump attacked Harris, he went on Fox News and launched into a diatribe against New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman and the Pulitzer Prize.

“The Pulitzer Prize is worthless as far as I’m concerned,” Trump said. “Because, when you have the Maggie Habermans getting a Pulitzer Prize and she got it all wrong. I haven’t spoken to her forever — she’s like my biographer, like she knows everything about me. She knows nothing about me. And they talk about — they have sources, they don’t have sources, they’re made up, they make them up in their mind, they have no sources, I know when there are sources.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Trump offered no evidence to support his claims as usual and would also take shots at Hillary Clinton, who is not running for political office this year. And so, Trump lashed out at three different women in a matter of hours after Biden announced Harris as his running mate.

If elected, Harris would become the first woman vice president and would also become the first black and first Asian American to hold that office. It’s a big deal, and Trump is clearly terrified as his attack on Harris and two other women show. Three women in just a few hours.

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