President Donald Trump’s brother is in a New York hospital with a serious illness, so naturally, Trump made his brother’s health crisis all about himself by insisting that he’ll win New York in November.

Robert Trump’s hospitalization was not enough for Trump to leave his golf course too early on Friday, but after he arrived in New York City to visit him, he took to Twitter to announce his visit and make an absurd campaign claim.

The problem is that Trump lost New York by a landslide in 2016, and he’s losing by a whopping 25 points to former Vice President Joe Biden just two and half months away from Election Day.

Twitter users not only mocked him for that, but they also slammed him for using his brother’s health crisis for his own narcissistic purposes.

Indeed, millions of families are unable to visit their loved ones during this pandemic, which has killed 170,000 Americans. The fact that Trump gets to visit his brother in the hospital is hypocritical and insulting to anyone who has been forced to let a family member die alone due to coronavirus safety measures.

Surely, that alone is enough to enrage New Yorkers and voters across the country enough to make sure Trump is ousted from the White House.

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