President Donald Trump projected himself into a faceplant during his press briefing at his Bedminster golf club on Saturday by insisting that our country will have a great 2021 if we don’t elect stupid people to office in November.

Trump made the remark while bragging about the economy under his watch.

“If stupid people aren’t elected, next year, we’re going to have one of the greatest years that we’ve ever had,” he said.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The problem is that Trump and his cronies are the stupid people he is speaking of because the economy is currently in shambles with the unemployment rate at over 10 percent and tens of millions of Americans out of work. Evictions are about to skyrocket and Trump’s sabotage of the Postal Service and reckless handling of the coronavirus pandemic is only going to make things worse. Far from an economic “recovery,” our nation has plunged into a recession that will last beyond this year.

So, he’s right. Not electing stupid people is the only way to save our country, and Americans couldn’t agree more.

The fact is that many believe that Trump is the stupidest president our country has had the misfortune of witnessing. He inherited a healthy country with a humming economy and wrecked both in just under four years along with our reputation and standing in the world. Our nation cannot afford four more years of Trump in the majority of American’s view. That means they will vote for Biden — because Trump said so.

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