DeAnna Lorraine is a failed Republican House candidate who ran against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and got destroyed, so now she spouts QAnon conspiracy theories and works as a commentator for right-wing news site Newsmax.

Monday evening, Lorraine watched the first night of the Democratic National Convention and decided she’d provide running commentary on what she saw, but her remarks crossed the line so completely that she wound up deleting one of her tweets.

When two members of George Floyd’s family began speaking during the convention, Lorraine posted this tweet:

When former First Lady Michelle Obama was speaking, Lorraine fired off this disgusting insult:

Lorraine even saw fit to make fun of a woman who blamed President Donald Trump for her father’s death from COVID-19, suggesting that Democrats were exploiting the bereaved daughter:

Is this the level of “debate” that Trump has given rise to? One quick look at his Twitter feed from this morning will provide the answer to that query. Take a look:

Donald Trump and his minions are a threat to the very foundations of this country and our democracy. It’s one of a million reasons why he deserves to lose and lose big in November.

Featured Image Via Twitter