In a bit of delicious irony on Thursday, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Steve Bannon was arrested for fraud by officers of the United States Postal Service, also known as the USPS. The same agency Trump has been waging war on for several months now in what some believe is a mission to hurt mail-in voting.

Bannon was taken into custody and charged with committing fraud related to the “We Build The Wall” project that took millions of dollars of donations from conservatives across the country that they thought would be used to build Trump’s wall on the border. But Bannon and Brian Kolfage used it to pay for trips and other luxuries.

But what went somewhat unnoticed is that the agency that arrested them was the United States Postal Service, which is ironic because of Trump’s effort to gut the agency ahead of the 2020 Election in November.

Upon hearing this tidbit of news, respect for the Postal Service among Americans grew as people cheered.

The USPS has an inspection service that is as old as the Postal Service itself. It’s likely the agency conducted an investigation into possible mail fraud, which is why the USPS would be able to arrest Bannon and Kolfage. Regardless, this is a big win for the USPS and the American people, making it clear that Trump should leave it alone. If he doesn’t, perhaps he could also be arrested by the mailman someday for tampering with mail service to rig an election.

Featured Image: Wikimedia