Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman blurted out an anti-gay slur before a game the Reds were playing against Kansas City. To be specific, he called Kansas City “one of the fag capitals of the world”. he would later apologize later during the game knowing he could lose his job because of the remark. What he probably didn’t expect was to be literally yanked off the air during the game.

Brennaman was literally apologizing, calling the play-by-play, and being thrown off the air all at the same time. Check out the video below to see exactly how it happened:

LGBTQ advocates will certainly applaud this move. The Reds showed zero tolerance for Brennaman’s remarks. They deemed it unacceptable for him to even finish the game as the remarks were so blatantly offensive in their view.

Officially, the Reds “suspended” Brennaman. It is unknown, apparently even to him, as his comments reflected, if he ever will be back on the air for them or anyone ever again.

Here’s the official statement from the team:

Also interesting to note that Brennaman insisted he was a “man of faith.” One has to wonder if what he meant by that comment was that he was that because he was a “man of faith” — therefore that justified his remarks? Or did he mean that because he was a “man of faith” he didn’t actually believe his own remarks? If it was the latter, do “men of faith” lie?

One thing is for sure. The tolerance for such attitudes against LGBTQ people has greatly diminished in America. This “live” “suspension” shows just how unacceptable saying such things is in Today’s America. This, despite President Donald Trump seemingly encouraging Americans to be rude and demeaning to anyone who doesn’t walk lockstep with him in every way.

Major League Baseball has certainly had plenty of setbacks over the last several months. To many Americans, the Reds organization and Fox Sports stepping up so quickly and decisively to not allow such hatred and bigotry to be associated with their brand in any way is a positive sign. America can surely use lots of positive signs these days.


Featured image via screen capture from youtube video.