On Wednesday, President Donald Trump encouraged American consumers to boycott Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. because they don’t allow employees to wear MAGA caps or other politically-themed apparel in the workplace:

Goodyear is headquartered in Akron, Ohio and employs over 64,000 Americans.

Yet despite Trump’s blatant attack on a thriving U.S. company whose products are known and respected worldwide, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) happily tossed Goodyear and his home state of Ohio right under the bus, telling Cleveland.com that he agrees with Trump’s boycott idea:

“It’s Goodyear that’s involved in trying to cancel all the people who would like to wear ‘Blue Lives Matter’ masks or hats or T-shirts, or would like to wear ‘Make America Great’ hats T-shirts or masks.

“Why are people trying to cancel one point of view out there, and it’s always the conservative point of view?”

Jordan even penned an editorial supporting Trump’s Goodyear boycott idea, writing:

“In today’s world, opposing views aren’t challenged or debated, they’re censored by the left – the left that controls Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and virtually all of the Democrats in Congress. And every day, this same ‘cancel-culture’ left is looking for someone new to target.”

Of course, the irony of Jordan and Trump’s attack on Goodyear lies in the fact that they want to pretend corporations are “people” when it comes to campaign contributions, yet when that same company tries to keep politics out of the workplace, Republicans scream bloody murder and whine about political correctness.

Here’s a hypothetical for both the congressman and President Trump: How would you like it if one of your staffers came to work wearing clothing supporting your opponent in the upcoming election? Would you be cool with that, or would you create a “cancel culture” of your own and insist that the employee remove the offending garment or lose their job?

There are few things worse than a hypocrite, and that’s exactly what Jim Jordan is. Then again, so is the president he so eagerly worships.

Featured Image Via CNN