With each day, President Donald Trump spins a new falsehood about voting by mail, but the one he’s trying to sell now is so absurd that it could easily win an award for Lie of the Year.

To begin with, Trump said the U.S. Postal Service could not possibly handle a flood of absentee ballots. But on Friday his handpicked postmaster general shot down that claim, saying that ballots would be prioritized and reach their proper locations in plenty of time.

Having had one consipracy theory shredded, Trump shifted to a new one clearly meant to keep people from placing their absentee ballots in drop boxes at polling locations, another option for millions of voters.

According to Trump, putting a completed ballot in a drop box might lead to a person contracting COVID-19:

Time for a fact check. You cannot vote multiple times by using a drop box. That would be detected by the local board of elections and you’d be charged with a crime. Also, where the drop boxes are located is irrelevant. It’s like saying that you’re more likely to vote one way or the other based on what color eyes you have.

And then there’s the mention of “Covid” which is hilariously ironic considering that over 180,000 Americans have already died of a virus this very same president called a “hoax” and vowed would “disappear.” It hasn’t disappeared, and new projections suggest at least 300,000 may be dead from COVID-19 by December of this year.

Donald Trump and the Republicans only have one card left they can play: Fear. They can’t claim to be protecting us, can’t brag about the economy, and most certainly can’t say with a straight face that they’ve solved the existential threat caused by coronavirus. So they’re going to try and scare the living hell out of people with their lies and bogus conspiracy theories.

But the greatest source of fear haunting the face of this nation emanates from the Oval Office. And it must be soundly defeated however each of us decides to cast our ballot.