First Lady Melania Trump unveiled her version of the White House Rose Garden on Saturday and Americans are not impressed. In fact, they are outraged and disgusted.

The modern design Americans are most familiar with came about during the Kennedy administration in 1961 by Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon. It has been iconic ever since, serving as a location for important presidential remarks, ceremonies, and a greeting area for distinguished guests such as world leaders.

But Melania, just like her husband President Donald Trump, is looking to destroy everything she touches out of desperation for a legacy.

And now, instead of a vibrant and colorful Rose Garden, we get a space that looks more like something out of Soviet Russia.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss posted before and after photos on Twitter showing that the trees planted during the Kennedy years are gone along with the beautiful flowers. Melania also had a concrete path installed.

Americans were horrified.

Mellon herself once spoke highly of the beloved crabapple trees that Melania had removed.

Hopefully, former Vice President Joe Biden will reverse this travesty because Kennedy’s garden should never be the Trump garden. It’s beyond disgraceful.

Featured Image: Screenshot