Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) has a message for anyone who’s worried about the slowdowns at their local post office: That’s just “fake” and no such thing is happening.

Brady was a guest on MSNBC Wednesday morning, and he told host Stephanie Ruhle:

“You know, I was really disappointed that our small businesses, our unemployed workers were just ignored for Congress to rush back or fake Post Office crisis that didn’t exist. Meanwhile, look, I will tell you, our small businesses—”

Ruhle quickly interjected:

“Excuse me, Congressman … a fake postal crisis? We see images from postal facilities in the state of Texas that are in crisis. Would you say it’s made up to veterans who aren’t getting their prescriptions on time? Do you think it’s made up?”

The congressman doubled down on his assertion:

“I do, absolutely. As far as the Post Office is working, as they’ve made it clear, they can easily handle the mail-in balloting process. They have $14 billion in the bank, solvent through next year. They are going through a bipartisan reorganization that, by the way, has some glitches and needs to be addressed. But, yeah, I find it offensive that our small businesses and unemployed workers basically have been ignored by Speaker Pelosi while we go rushing back to Washington for the Post Office. I’ll just tell you, I think—”

Once again, Ruhle had to make sure she was hearing Brady correctly:

“Hold on a second, sir. Wouldn’t you say she did that, what was it, six weeks ago with the HEROES Act, that provided way more support for small businesses, and it was Republicans who wouldn’t sign off on it, sir?”

To hear Republicans tell it, nothing is ever their fault and everything is great except for anything Democrats do.

As Ruhle pointed out, Republicans had a chance to pass more aid to businesses and unemployed workers, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to bring the relief bill to the floor for debate or a vote. The White House also signaled that it would oppose the bill because it contained enhanced unemployment benefits and additional funding for the Postal Service.

The only thing “fake” in this debate is the talking points the GOP is using.