Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fired back in response to an RNC Convention speaker who claimed America would be a land of death and no hope if she had won in 2016.

The first night of the convention was a complete trainwreck as speaker after speaker kissed Trump’s a** and demonized Democrats in what seemed like one long rant.

They couldn’t move forward from the 2016 Election either because they continued attacking Hillary Clinton even though she isn’t even running in 2020 because former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee.

For instance, Trump campaign advisory board member Natalie Harp made Hillary Clinton a focal point of her speech, declaring that had Hillary won Americans would be trapped in a dystopian nation “with no hope of escape except death itself.”

That kind of America sounded quite familiar to Hillary, and likely most Americans, because it’s the country we are currently living in under Trump.

And that’s why she pointed it out on Twitter.

Indeed, most nations have banned Americans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the virus has resulted in over 176,000 deaths and north of five million cases and growing. The economy is in shambles and civil war could be right around the corner, especially since Trump will likely refuse to leave office even if he loses the election.

America is a dystopian nightmare under Trump’s watch. Had Hillary Clinton won the election in 2016 the country would be in much better shape and a whole lot more stable. As usual, Trump and his minions are projecting his failures onto his political rivals and critics instead of taking responsibility for the hell they created.

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