President Donald Trump is now saying he isn’t worried about the U.S. Postal Service being able to handle an increase in absentee ballots for the November election, and is instead trying to suggest that poll workers will incorrectly tabulate the results.

Speaking with Byron York of the Washington Examiner in the Oval Office, Trump commented:

“It’s not the post office. No, it’s the elections office. The post office — look, this is a con job. It’s like the Russian hoax. The post office has run the way it’s been run forever. But the post office is the post office.”

The president continued:

“The problem is when they dump all these [ballots] in front of a few people who are counting them, and they’re going to count them wrong. The post office is not to blame.”

Of course, those election officials have more than likely counted votes in other elections and know exactly how to do their job. And who exactly would Trump suggest count the votes instead? Members of his campaign? The FBI? People chosen at random from a local grocery store?

Trump also raised the issue of voting by mail, noting:

“Unsolicited ballots, where they’re going to send 80 million unsolicited ballots to people that they don’t even know if they’re alive or if they’re living there. I think it is a catastrophic disaster for this country.”

Where did the 80 million figure come from? That’s unknown, and most states don’t send “unsolicited” ballots to anyone. You have to request one. It should also be noted that when those ballots are returned, the signatures on them are carefully checked against the signature on file at the elections office. Many are also barcoded so that they cannot be easily duplicated.

The larger problem is that Donald Trump continues to try and lay a foundation that will allow him to question the results of the election if he loses. He did the same thing in 2016, but when he was declared the winner, all the talk of a “rigged” election suddenly disappeared from his lexicon.

Trump cannot be trusted. Not even a little bit. He has repeatedly proven that he will destroy the country to fulfill his own selfish motives. We have to vote in numbers so large there cannot be a bit of doubt in anyone’s mind.