As he seeks a second term in office, President Donald Trump and his 2020 campaign have slightly tweaked their 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” to “Keep America Great.”

But Trump’s campaign made one mistake: They forgot to acquire the domain name that matches their new logo, so the Biden-Harris campaign snatched it up and is using the website to troll the Donald, according to Politico:

The site now lays out a top-to-bottom rebuke to the Trump administration, including his handling of coronavirus. “Promises Made, Promises Kept Broken,” the site’s home page screams. “Trump isn’t looking for a second term,” it charges. “He’s looking for a do-over.”

A quick look at the site provides a full accounting of Trump’s endless failures since taking office, including the fact that 180,00 American have died since the novel coronavirus arrived in the United States:

“President Trump’s tenure has been defined by insufficient wage increases for working families, massive federal tax cuts for the wealthiest and well-connected and giant corporations, and now millions of lost jobs and livelihoods due to his botched handling of COVID-19.”

When the Trump campaign learned of how expertly their candidate was being mocked online by the Biden camp, spokesman Hogan Gidley sniped:

“You can buy all the domain names you want, but Joe Biden can’t ever buy a way out of his 47 years’ worth of failure in elected office.”

Of course, what Gidley failed to address is the long track record of waste, mismanagement, and bankruptcy that’s the hallmark of Donald Trump’s so-called career in business. He has repeatedly failed to pay contractors who do work for him, overextended himself, and couldn’t even make a go as a casino owner even though casinos always make money. Unless, of course, the casino has the Trump name attached to it.

Over the next few months, the Biden campaign will be updating the “Keep America Great” website daily, and that’s certain to annoy the notoriously thin-skinned Trump.

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