President Donald Trump’s son Eric asked Americans to choose between his dad and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but he didn’t get the answer he expected.

The Republican National Convention has been an embarrassing disaster, and the third night continued that trend as North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn failed basic American history by falsely claiming that James Madison signed the Declaration of Independence. Cawthorn also seems proud of having his picture taken at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest at Berchtesgaden. That might be why Trump likes him so much, according to some.

Despite that glaring error, Eric Trump used an image of Cawthorn in a tweet alongside a picture of popular singer Billie Eilish, who spoke at the Democratic Convention last week, asking Americans to choose between his father and Biden.

If the idea was to somehow portray Eilish as an anti-American youth, Eric Trump failed, as did his attempt to present Cawthorn as some sort of American hero.

Twitter users immediately responded by choosing Biden’s campaign, which was far more inclusive and unifying and offered solutions to our problems.

Indeed, Biden’s convention was everything America needs right now while Trump’s has been all about stroking his own ego. And if we let the ratings decide, the Democratic Convention has Trump beat so far. Clearly, Americans are sick and tired of Trump and his family. Eric Trump’s post backfired, and he should prepare himself for a future stint in prison because daddy won’t be be able to save him with a pardon.

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