Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) refuses to stop supporting President Donald Trump, so his own sister ripped him a new one for it on social media and endorsed his Democratic opponent.

Despite Trump recently attacking Goodyear, an American company that employs thousands of Ohioans, for barring employees from wearing political apparel on the job, Chabot still defends Trump and supports him for re-election.

For that and many other reasons, not the least of which is Trump’s rampant lying and corruption, Chabot’s sister Carol Del Prince publicly denounced Chabot on social media after he voted against funding the Postal Service, which Trump is trying to sabotage ahead of Election Day to suppress votes according to many experts.

“Enough is enough,” Carol Del Prince wrote. “You don’t serve the people who ‘elected’ you in the very gerrymandered 1st District of Ohio. We The People need better representation in Washington. You’re so intertwined with Trump and his corrupt administration that you’ve lost your way. No amount of pizza can change your record and actions since January 2017.”

In an exclamation point, Del Prince went on to endorse Chabot’s Democratic opponent Kate Schroder and invited her campaign to put a sign in her yard.

“Kate can put her sign in our yard,” she wrote. “Our country is worth saving, even if it requires hard personal choices like country over family. I wish you wellness and a happy retirement this November.”

This is yet another example of how divisive Trump has been. He’s literally pitting families against each other, just as slavery caused families to split apart on ideological grounds and kill each other during the Civil War.

One would hope that Chabot would see reason and stand up for his state, especially an American company like Goodyear that provides thousands of jobs to voters in the state. But Chabot is a coward who would rather kiss Trump’s ring and remain in Congress, even if that means sacrificing his constituents. The only way Republicans will start turning on Trump is if they are shamed by their own families. And that’s sad.

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