President Donald Trump wanted to turn the traditional inauguration day into something seen in North Korea according to an explosive new book by First Lady Melania Trump’s former senior advisor and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

As we all know, Trump has desperately wanted a military parade for himself and his ego complete with military vehicles such as tanks so he can feel like a true authoritarian ruler.

He hasn’t been able to get such a parade so far, although he did get tanks parked in place as part of July 4th celebrations. And Trump has also inquired about using tanks against protesters.

However, it turns out Trump has been obsessed with an authoritarian-like ceremony for himself even prior to taking office.

In her book, Winston Wolkoff writes that Trump had wanted a North Korea-style military parade on inauguration day complete with tanks, helicopters, and goose-stepping soldiers.

Politico reports:

Donald Trump wanted his inauguration to look like a North Korean military parade. When discussing the parade with Winston Wolkoff and Ivanka during the transition, Trump said: “I want tanks and choppers. Make it look like North Korea,” he told them. Winston Wolkoff wrote: “He really wanted goose-stepping troops and armored tanks? That would break tradition and terrify half the country.” For the inauguration, Mark Burnett, the creator of “The Apprentice,” the television show which paved the way for Trump’s popularity, also wanted to “light the sky with drones, and Donald and Melania loved the idea.” No drones ended up being used to spice up the inauguration — they could have posed a safety risk.

Seriously, Trump actually wanted a bunch of drones in the skies. He wanted tanks and helicopters and goose-stepping soldiers just like what we see in videos of North Korean military parades. If Trump wins in November, he may actually make sure he gets what he wants this time to mark America’s transformation into a dictatorship. Voters need to make sure he doesn’t get the chance.

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