White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Sunday that there are two Americas, and that “Donald Trump’s America” is “peaceful.”

Appearing on “Meet the Press,” Meadows was asked by host Chuck Todd:

“The president painted a picture of what he said would be Joe Biden’s America, and I look at the violence this week, this is Donald Trump’s America. How much responsibility should voters be giving the president for his inability to keep the streets safe?”

Meadows replied:

“Well, I mean, you can try to reframe it that way,” Meadows replied. “That’s just not accurate. I can tell you that when we look at Kenosha and the phone calls that were made to the governor of Wisconsin, we offered help. Help was denied. Obviously, there was multiple gunshots and people lost their lives.”

“It’s interesting to see you frame Portland that way after 94 days. But to suggest that somehow it’s been peaceful in Portland, Chuck, is just not looking at the facts.”

The chief of staff then added:

“It is in Democrat cities. You want to talk about Donald Trump’s America. Most of Donald Trump’s America is peaceful. It is a Democrat-led city in Portland.”

Isn’t Donald Trump the president of the entire country? Todd inquired:

“Are you saying there’s parts of the country the president doesn’t govern? I mean, is the president only in charge of places where he has supporters? You sort of leveled a weird charge.

“I’m just trying to understand. Does the president not believe he has responsibility of governing and leading the entire country.”


“He does govern and lead the entire country. But, Chuck, you’re smarter than that. These are local law enforcement efforts that can be supported by a federal backstop.”

The Trump reelection strategy could not be clearer: He is trying to pit Americans against one another by party and political affiliation. In his formulation, Democrats are always bad and Republicans are always good. Trump only cares about his supporters. The rest of us (which just so happens to be the majority of the country) are on our own as far as he’s concerned.

Donald Trump is trying to rip this country apart so he can turn around and blame others for his own carefully calculated plan of political arson.

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