Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. isn’t aware that his father is current serving as president and has decided that he’ll try and blame any unrest taking place in the United States on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

On Twitter, the president’s son posted a tweet suggesting that Biden could end the riots in Portland by merely picking up the phone and calling Portland mayor Ted Wheeler:

But as Urban Radio Network’s White House correspondent April Ryan noted on CNN, Don Jr’s tweet is the height of absurdity:

“I just saw something from Trump Jr. saying this is the Biden riot. Which is not the truth. His father stoked this and continues to take a ton of kerosene on a burning flame, and it keeps growing and growing. At the end of the day, and I’m going to give you this, we need to go back to the basics when it comes to this. It may not be political for some, but let’s go to the basics. What is racism? Racism is when power and prejudice meet at the intersection, and we’re at that intersection now.”

Ryan added that other Republicans also need to join the debate over the issue of racial justice and policing in America:

“One: we need to hear from Mitch McConnell. Two: we need to hear from Lindsey Graham. Three: we need to hear from Tim Scott, to find out what is going on with them and their conversations to make the president stop. We are entering an election in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. It’s too much going on. It’s too much going on. And it’s for this president. I have covered four presidents over the last 20 years. I’ve never seen it like this. Normally there’s a soaring speech to bring unity. This is division of its worst. What will the Republicans do? We’re waiting to see what they’ll say to calm this president down.”

Sadly, however, no matter what any Republican says, it seems unlikely that Trump will be mollified or willingly dial back his incendiary rhetoric. He’s using tragedy to stoke fear among his supporters in the hope of winning a second term in office. And he clearly doesn’t care if he burns the country to the ground in the process.

Featured Image Via CNN