Earlier this week, new questions arose regarding President Donald Trump possibly having undisclosed health issues that led to an abrupt, late night visit to Walter Reed Military Medical Center in November of last year, with Michael Schmidt of the New York Times reporting in his new book, Donald Trump v. the United States:

“The White House wanted Mike Pence ‘on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.’ (The vice president never had to take this step.)”

The president later attacked Schmidt’s book, posting on Twitter:

There’s just one enormous problem with Trump’s assertion: Schmidt said absolutely nothing about “mini-strokes,” leading many to suspect the president had just outed himself as suffering from a cerebral event.

And now we have Donald Trump mad with another Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, whom he accuses of saying he suffers from Parkinson’s disease. As with the mini-stroke meltdown, the facts aren’t in Trump’s favor because Haberman has never ever reported any such thing, according to The Daily Beast:

“In June, (Haberman) wrote a Times story about how ‘President Trump faced new questions about his health… after videos emerged of him gingerly walking down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and having trouble bringing a glass of water to his mouth during a speech there.’ The word ‘Parkinson’s’ does not appear in the article, but in Trump’s mind, that has somehow translated to Haberman tagging him with the degenerative disorder.”

Oops! Project much, Mr. President?

The Haberman article in question, it should be noted, was published three months ago, but Trump cannot seem to let it go:

“Sources say that the president has been stewing about this for nearly three months, and he still hasn’t let it go, bringing it up in the West Wing as recently as last week, one of these sources said.”

With two months left until the election and the first debate right around the corner, it’s safe to bet we haven’t seen the last of Trump’s denials regarding health issues no one has said he has. And that alone suggests he’s completely unfit for the highest office in the country.

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