America is divided. There is no doubt about that. While many leaders in America are trying to figure out how to bring Americans together again, people like Trump crony and Fox News regular, former Sheriff David Clarke is teaching “the base” how to murder protesters and get away with it.

Yes, this is “where we are.”

On a recent edition of WISN’s Mark Belling Show, Clarke actually said this to the audience:

The question is when is government going to do something? Inaction is not a plan. You know what happens with inaction? People take the law into their own hands. Government is leaving them no choice. No choice. I don’t advocate for some of the stuff that’s starting to happen, but I am certainly done — I am through with condemning it. I’m done with that.

I’m just telling people, “Hey, you’re on your own.” Think about it, have a plan. Act reasonably. You have to act reasonably. Then you’re going to have to articulate what you did afterwards. But you can’t have government officials and law enforcement executives telling people, “Do not take the law into your own hands.” Well, you’re forcing them to!

Funny that the only “inaction” Clarke sees is the Government not gunning down protesters. He doesn’t see the “inaction” of most police departments not doing any meaningful reforms. He doesn’t see the “inaction” of almost every police officer who kills a black person not paying any meaningful price for it.

The only inaction he doesn’t see is protesters not being killed fast enough. So Clarke’s solution is to encourage folks who are like-minded to go out and do it themselves. Furthermore, those folks, in Clarke’s instructions, should have a “plausible” excuse for murdering people in their head before they go out and kill — that’s the most important thing.

Just in case some think that is not what Clarke is calling for, look at what he also said:

The majority of these gun purchases are first-time gun owners. And when we leave this up to the individual, it’s not going to end real pretty. But I don’t blame them. Have a plan, think it through, be able to articulate it, and be reasonable. It’s all the law requires. You have the right to defend yourself, you don’t need permission from the police or a sheriff.

In other words, have your “plan” to claim self-defense in your head in advance. It doesn’t matter what actually happens, just have your “self-defense” story straight.

What Clarke is doing could easily be seen as the same type of thing that people like Charles Manson did. After all, Manson never actually killed anyone himself, he just persuaded his followers to do it. Manson encouraged them to “have a plan” too.

Just like Manson, if and when people act on Clarke’s instructions, Sheriff David Clarke better have a plan — and a good lawyer.