With less than 60 days left until Election Day, President Donald Trump’s signature issue of “law and order” is falling flat with voters, who say they would feel safer with Democratic nominee Joe Biden as leader of the country.

The latest CBS News/You Gov Battleground Tracker poll asked respondents which candidate makes them feel more safe:

Voters were also asked what they thought the best way to end the protests for racial justice would be. 60 percent said they favored police reforms. Only 25 percent suggested protesters should be punished:

Biden holds a 10-point lead over Trump when it comes to who Americans believe is trying to calm the unrest down:

In the presidential horse race, according to CBS, Biden holds a double-digit lead over Trump, which suggests that the Biden lead is stable and the president has been unable to cut into Biden’s national polling advantage:

All of this is great news for the Biden campaign, but it also proves that we cannot become complacent. We all have to stay involved and vote. That’s how elections are won.

Featured Image Via Twitter