President Donald Trump seems to think that the job of Speaker of the House includes negotiating deals with dictators, and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not capable of doing so if she was “set up” by a hair salon.

Pelosi unwisely had her hair done at a salon in San Francisco indoors without a mask on against California coronavirus policies, and Republicans have been harping on about it ever since, with Trump continually attacking her even though he rarely wears a mask anywhere and even held a rally in South Dakota and an RNC Convention rally at the White House complete without any masks or social distancing.

That makes him a hypocrite.

Pelosi has claimed that the salon owner, who gave security footage to Fox News, set her up.

In a tweet on Saturday, Trump insisted that if Pelosi can be set up by a hair salon owner, it disqualifies her from negotiation with world leaders.

The problem is that negotiating with world leaders is not the House Speaker’s job. It’s the President’s and the State Department’s job, a job that Trump and his administration has largely failed.

Furthermore, negotiating with dictators is how World War II started. And since Trump has spent a lot of time sucking up to the likes of Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin and rolling over for them, that makes him weaker than former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Twitter users mocked Trump’s bizarre attack.

Pelosi has already repeatedly proved that she can stand up to dictators and bad leaders because she has stood up to Trump successfully several times over the last four years.

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