The reelection campaign for President Donald Trump wasted no time putting out an ad celebrating the fact that Trump had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, even though, as The Daily Beast notes, the president’s nomination came from a “publicity-hungry anti-immigration crank from Norway.”

Just one problem: The ad, which ran on Facebook, misspelled the name “Nobel,” and instead bragged that Trump had been nominated for the “Noble” Peace Prize, which doesn’t even exist and would be endlessly mocked if it did.

There was also the blatant lie as to why Trump had been nominated:

“The unintentionally hilarious Facebook advert falsely claimed that the president ‘has achieved PEACE in the MIDDLE EAST,’ and attached a graphic of a grinning Trump with the caption: ‘President Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.'”

Achieved peace in the Middle East?! Now that would indeed merit a Nobel Peace Prize, but a tepid deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hardly qualifies, especially since the so-called “peace agreement” is little more than words on a piece of paper and doesn’t include the rest of the Arab world. Also, talks on the deal began in 2015, when Barack Obama was in the White House, the Council on Foreign Relations reminds us:

“Israel and the UAE have been inching toward normalization in recent years. In 2015, Israel opened a diplomatic office in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi tied to the International Renewable Energy Agency; senior Israeli officials have visited Abu Dhabi; Israeli athletes have participated in regional competitions in the UAE; and Israel is set to participate in Dubai’s World Expo 2020, which is now scheduled to open in October 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Clearly, this is not as much of an accomplishment as the Trump administration wants it to be. But they’re desperate for good headlines and have to overplay whatever sliver of positivity they can wrap a ribbon around.

Maybe one day, when this administration is long gone and the country has returned to some modicum of normality, we can all sit down and celebrate our “noble” efforts while sharing a laugh about the idiocy of the fool we booted to the curb.

Featured Image Via Twitter