Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump bragged about how tough he is on China. He claimed that Joe Biden would destroy America and lay down to China whereas he has been so tough.

One problem with all of that — he hasn’t been tough, at least when it comes to his daughter and advisor, Ivanka. Her manufacturing is all foreign, including much of it in China. Two years ago, when Trump put on those tariffs, he quietly immunized her products from tariffs:

Although the White House escalated its trade war on Friday by adding a 25 percent tax to roughly $34 billion worth of goods, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line escaped the Chinese tariffs. The brand’s use of Chinese labor has come under scrutiny before, but the recent tariffs have renewed criticisms that the first daughter and presidential adviser has financially benefitted from her father’s presidency.

Despite President Trump’s push for more products to be made in America, none of the presidential adviser’s clothes and accessories are made in the United States. Ivanka’s company outsources the manufacturing of its clothes to factories in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China, The Washington Post reported last year.

Two years later and Trump is still spewing the same rhetoric and Ivanka’s products are still made overseas, including in China.

Beyond that, Trump hasn’t been tough on China at all, in reality. He has talked a tough game, but in the real world, China has thwarted Trump and not even tried to keep “promises” they made to Trump in what seems like a hustle now with Trump being the unwitting mark (sucker).

More and more Americans seem to be standing up against Trump’s lies and misleading. Millions are seeing that he isn’t tough, but tries to play a tough guy on TV. Joe Biden currently leads Trump in virtually every “swing state” and national poll. Now, with more revelations about Trump lying to the American people during the pandemic and having no respect for our military, who he called “suckers, losers,” and other words that aren’t proper to repeat in public, that slide will most likely continue.