During a campaign rally in Freeland, Michigan, Thursday, President Donald Trump tried to reference the record label Motown, which is a well-known symbol of the Wolverine state. But he seemed to mix up Motown and the Ford Mustang, which resulted in him butchering the word and instead saying “Motang.”

That was all it took to start the hashtag #Motang trending on Twitter. It also ignited a wave of mockery:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump has completely mangled the English language. Consider:

  • The infamous “covfefe” tweet, which remains enigmatic
  • He repeatedly refers to China as “Ji-na”
  • Calling Yosemite “YO-se-MIGHT”
  • He referred to the “oranges” of the Russia investigation, apparently unable to pronounce the word “origins”

There are also the endless misspelled words in Trump’s tweets, some of which are so off-base that they make you wonder if he’s even the least bit familiar with the English language.

Remember when this president called himself a “stable genius”? If he’s so stable, why can’t he speak properly?