President Donald Trump is once again bragging about winning an award. The problem is that the so-called “Bay of Pigs Award” doesn’t actually exist.

Down in the polls against Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Trump is desperately pandering to the Latino community, which he has terrorized over the years using ICE as his own personal Gestapo to persecute them.

But now he needs them, especially in Florida where he holds a slim lead.

So, in a tweet on Sunday, Trump declared that Latinos can only trust him because Cuban-Americans gave him the “Bay of Pigs Award”. Seriously.

This is a lie because such an award does not exist as CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale pointed out.

The Bay of Pigs was a failed landing operation in Cuba to liberate the population from the authoritarian rule of Fidel Castro in 1961. It was an embarrassing fiasco for the United States, just like Trump is now.

Trump’s campaign soon released a photo supposedly showing Trump receiving the alleged “award,” but Dale debunked that as well.

Twitter users mocked Trump and contradicted his claims that all Cuban-Americans support him and that he’s somehow been good for Latinos.

It should also be pointed out that Trump has ignored the suffering of Puerto Rico and treats the island of American citizens there like sh*t.

Trump does not deserve any awards. Unless, of course, there’s an award for lying and racism. He’d win that by a landslide.

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