During a large indoor political rally in Nevada on Sunday evening (which violated state law prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people), President Donald Trump updated the “lock her up” chant he used repeatedly against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign, suggesting that former President Barack Obama should also be charged and incarcerated for spying on his campaign.

HuffPost reports:

“Trump repeated his evidence-free claim during his speech in Henderson that Obama ‘got caught spying on my campaign.’ He added: ‘We have him cold. Now let’s see what happens.’

“Trump then hesitated, looked into the crowd and pointed.

“In an instant they were chanting ‘lock him up’ — a new riff on Trump’s 2016 election refrain, when he and his fans chanted ‘lock her up,’ referring to Hillary Clinton.”

This is what the 2020 race has come to? Clearly, Trump and his campaign have no original ideas, so they’re merely recycling the same tired lines from four years ago in a desperate attempt to distract from his many failures on controlling the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of tens of millions of jobs since he took office.

As usual with things Trump alleges about his political opponents, there isn’t a shred of proof to support his claims of spying by the Obama administration. The Justice Department’s inspector general told a Senate committee in 2019 that neither Obama or Vice President Joe Biden played any role in the FBI’s investigation of possible Russian involvement in the 2016 Trump campaign, which has netted seven arrests so far, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort, Trump’s personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen, former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.”

Trump is scared. He can read the poll numbers which show him far behind Biden with less than two months remaining until Election Day. So he’s trying to use the same playbook he ran four years ago. But this isn’t 2016, and things are very different now, most notably 200,000 Americans are dead on Trump’s watch and the U.S. economy is in recession.

If Trump thinks “lock him up” is going to boost his chances of reelection, he should drop out now and see if his buddy Vladimir Putin will allow him to live in exile in Russia.

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