President Donald Trump is trailing his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in the state of Nevada, so he’s decided that he’ll accuse the governor of the state, Steve Sisolak (D) of cheating to help Biden carry the state.

During an phone-in interview he gave to “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Trump remarked:

“He’ll cheat on the ballots. I have no doubt about it. You’re gonna see something with these ballots. You’re gonna see corruption like you’ve never seen. You’re gonna see a rigged election.”

As is almost always the case, the president offered absolutely proof of his unhinged assertion regarding Gov. Sisolak, and he also flat-out lied because he repeatedly said that Sisolak is “in charge of the ballots.” Actually, the Nevada secretary of state administers elections in the state, which is the case in nearly every state in the country.

Why this sudden outpouring of venom at Gov. Sisolak? As HuffPost notes, it probably has something to do with the fact that Sisolak criticized Trump’s indoor rally held Sunday in Las Vegas, which was done in violation of the state’s rules on controlling the spread of coronavirus, which the governor addressed with this tweet:

As you’d expect, Trump tried to blame Gov. Sisolak for holding an indoor rally instead of one outdoors:

“Trump claimed he held the indoor rally because Sisolak rejected the campaign’s suggestions for outdoor sites. Sisolak, like many officials across the country, has limited the size of public gatherings to help reduce the spread of the virus.”

The real reason Trump continues to say that absentee balloting is fraudulent could not be more clear: Because if he loses, he wants to claim he was cheated out of a second term.

Featured Image Via NBC News